About Us


  • To expand nationwide by recruiting people who are passionate and enthusiastic with their roles in the company.
  • To develop a high quality products and service that can be marketed internationally at an honest price point.
  • To create a condusive work environment by implementing teamwork and foster an environment of collaboration based on trust,joint commitment.
  • To inspire,engage and develop our employers and help them boost their careers.
  • To become a training centre that educates young entrepeneurs or startup companies by providing guidance in building their brands.
  • To create an islamic work ethics by promoting honesty,integrity,tolerance and openness in the company.
  • Profitable growth through excellent customer service,innovative and quality products and commitment.


Bak's success in tailoring, fashion and textile arena goes back to more than 48 years ago with the opening of its first outlet under the name of BAK The Tailor at Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur in 1975. This sole proprietorship hails from Omar Ali Holdings Sdn Bhd’s family textile business which was established more than 50 years ago. The proprietorship is still operating today but from its humble beginnings, the business has since the last two years been setting sight for dramatic growth and expansion.

Its founder,Haji Muhammad Sohaimi Bin Omar’s journey in the tailoring industry started when he was young. As a young boy he would spend most of his time with his late father Haji Omar Ali who is the founder of another established tailoring brand Omar Ali Sdn Bhd. All that time spent watching his father crafting garments has definitely cultivated an interest in him to follow his father footsteps.His interest and passion in tailoring and craftsmanship has brought him to London in 1980 where he enrolled in a prestigious tailoring school,Tailoring and Design Centre London, where he trained under some skilful masters and tailors of London at the time.

His dream was to elevate the tailoring industry of the country as envisioned by his late father Haji Omar Ali.His hardwork and dedication has definitely paid off. Keeping the traditional aesthetics in mind, Haji Muhammad Sohaimi reinvents the classic baju melayu into a piece that is well-suited for the modern style setters. He quickly established himself as the go to man for a modern take on the baju melayu with an attention to slimmer cuts.His attention to detail and fine tailoring skills have secured him an array of loyal customers,locally and even abroad.
27 Years old Haji Muhammad Sohaimi on the left.

With a growing commitment to fulfilling the discerning fashion tastes of local Malaysians and also visitors from abroad, Hajah Hemi the wife of Haji Muhammad Sohaimi suggested that they expand their range of products. She officially joined her husband venture in Bak in 2007 as the company's finance manager when the company faced minor roadblock that year. A skillfull tailor herself she felt that Bak was lacking customer diversity since Bak only sells men’s garment at the time. She felt that ladies garment should be introduced to compete with other emerging brands as competition is heating up. In 2009 she established her own company Bak Hemme Sdn Bhd. A garment production company that manufactures Bak Tailor's ladies ready to wear garment. Ever since the introduction of ladies garment,sales have been booming.

Bak has built its name as a preferred supplier of formal and casual personal and corporate attire and suites, Men’s and Boy‘s Baju Melayu, Ladies Baju Kurung and Kebaya, Male and Female Wedding Suites and Dresses, Attires for Offices and Factories, Uniformed Personnel, Schools and a host of complementary accessories and gear to go with. The secret to Bak tailor’s success in this highly competitive industry is that they care about quality and customer service.They are unique in many aspects particularly their diverse loyal clientele as well as the minute attention to detail internalized in every step of the tailoring process. They are renowned for unremitting attention given to the perfection of an exquisite cut,quality of fabrics and comfort. Now BAK has expanded its business with eight outlets located around Kuala Lumpur,Selangor and Melaka. They have also gained trust from an array of VIP clientele such as Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad,Tun Dato’ Sri Haji Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,Dato Seri Khairil Anas Jusoh and many more. Currently Bak is working on a few visionary projects in hoping to expand its business nationwide.


Bak tailor HQ is a newly constructed prestigious institution that is located off Jalan Taman Harmonis in Gombak. This proud achievement of the Bak tailor company is a 3 storey building that is managed by its own marketing, online, production and human resources team. 

Bak Tailor HQ is made of 3 floors in its entirety with different functions on each floor. the first floor of Bak tailor HQ has its very own showroom which captures the sense of luxury, style and comfort every step you take so you would feel a sense of exclusivity as it has been shared by VIP customers such as Tun Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Tun Dato’ Sri Haji Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad, Professor Dato' Wira Dr. Khairil Annas Jusoh and Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar. Bak Tailor’s Showroom is available only by appointments or invitations on selected individuals.

The second floor carries the function of R&D and Bespoke control. This is where Bak’s prototyping is achieved to capture the exclusivity of a well made traditional or corporate suit. This floor is divided into the male and female sections as specialists from both sides have their very own creative space. The third floor functions as a training centre for new and existing Bak Tailor employees. Orientational and educational seminars are created to supplement our employees with the knowledge they need to learn about the products that we are selling and also to boost our services to become the best tailor house in Malaysia.