Custom Tailoring

Bak Tailor design evokes the essence of a man’s spirituality and character through the enhancement of the physical being. The acknowledgement that style is an extension of one’s self culminates in the wearer having their own voice. The quintessential cut. A thought, a revolution, detail, concentration, pushing the craft of bespoke tailoring further. Crisp and structured, exquisite artistry, innovative classicism. The secret lays in the mind of Bak tailor’s master cutters.


Our Ready-Made products are approved by the owner who also acts as Bak Tailor’s Chief of Master Cutter based on his years of experience in the tailoring industry. His expertise and passion in this field has made him a favourite amongst the public as he has always delivered a high sense in trending fashions, top of the line quality and well established convenience,functionality and comfort. Our ready-made products are beautifully designed to perfection and are offered to capture the exclusivity of a tailored wardrobe as slim cuts, classical cuts and exclusive-made designs are available. These products are highly differentiated from another brands and tailors by its definitive choice of in trend colours.

Made to Measure (MTM)

The Bak Tailor Made To Measure service gives you a unique opportunity to create your own personal wardrobe. With more freedom of choice than our main line collection, you can choose from a wide selection of designs and fabrics. Provided in our Bak tailor HQ, our highly skilled consultants and tailors will carefully walk you through each stage of the process to help you create a suit or Wardrobe that's crafted in the Bak Tailor spirit and is a true reflection of your style and voice.


Bespoke is the highest quality line on offer by Bak Tailor. With a handmade craftsmanship cut from scratch, created by our team of highly skilled tailors. With a Baju Melayu or Suit made only for you, fitting you to perfection. The nature of the bespoke service is not only based on the skills and physicality of creating an exclusive suit and Baju Melayu, but also the need to share and reflect the personality, lifestyle and aspirations of the Bak Tailor brand. A vibrant team of highly skilled tailors brings to life, the unique one-off designs that Bak Tailor creates for his bespoke clients. Made by hand, the bespoke suits adhere to the age-old disciplines and etiquettes of tailoring. Fused with the know-how and distinctive touch from Bak Tailor’s Chief Master Cutter applies to the finished product.