Bak Tailor regularly receives orders as tenders from private and governmental organisations. 

Wardrobe Sponsorship

Bak Tailoring is also involved in sponsoring wardrobes for local artists from reality TV shows, dramas, films, magazines (photoshoot for artists) and news station. some of them are as follow:-

  • A full suit for Encik Faisal Ismail in the show Academi Fantasia throughout the whole season
  • Sets of Baju Melayus and Baju Kurungs for both family parties in the Pelamin Fantasia’s solemnisation episode
  • Sets of Baju Melayu for a band named Caliph Buskers for a photography session for Hari Raya Eid in 2015
  • Sets of Baju Melayus for a band named Mojo for a Raya Eid recording session on local television
  • Full suits for Astro Awani’s news anchors
  • Ready made apparels supplied to a few drama shows from companies such as Global Station, JS Pictures and many more for their chosen artists
  • Local magazines such as Media Hiburan and Nona have also chosen Bak as their wardrobe sponsor
  • Apparels for bands such as Bunkface, Hyperact and Akim & The Majistret for their performances and talk shows.